Loop Studio Associati is a design practice, driven by the pursuit of quality. We believe that our surroundings directly influence the quality of our lives, whether in the work place, at home or public spaces between.

Our approach is based on a ‘loop’ design process where meticulous exploration is carried out in search for optimal solutions, which create flexible, marketable and environmentally sustainable buildings for our clients.

Our holistic and committed approach is supported with an integrated planning process that takes into account the entire life cycle of a building and its surrounding. This requires a constant confrontation with the conditions of changing society and environment. Our purpose is to create timeless, sustainable and beautiful environments that consider social and cultural factors and are aspirational to our clients and communities


Our aim is to create a timeless and relevant architecture that offers functionality and delight to the client, the user and the wider community. Each project is considered in its own right, taking into account context, location and culture, whilst understanding the needs and aspirations of the client. Designs are reinforced by specific sector expertise, market-leading technical knowledge and drive in research.

Interior Design

The design team provides strategies in symphony with the architecture in creating a seamless experience, from inside to outside. The client’s needs and spatial qualities are transformed through quality of light, choice of materials, use of colour, selection of furnishings and decorative elements as part of the overall scheme.

Project Management

We believe that the management of a project is equally important as the creative process. Our expertise is in delivering an integrated service to clients through the lifecycle of a project – from concept design to construction completion. The activities include budgeting and cost management; programme and resource management; administration and contract management; together with site safety management and practices to ensure compliance with legislative regulations.

Master Planning

Our approach in the field of master planning is to provide clients support to their business while retaining their visions. This consists of simple and clear economically viable programmes, which are socially and environmentally responsive. Our aim is to create spaces and places that form a living framework capable of allowing for future evolution. This is carried out by working with our clients to achieve core understanding of their sites and to create coherent visions for each project.


Our cross-disciplinary approach is based on enquiry, discovery and understanding. We break rules, seek opportunities and collaborate with industry. By maintaining a commitment to research, we are not only up-to-date with new developments and techniques, but are also able to evaluate its relevance and technical performance for individual projects. Our research unit provides for consultancy services across the fields of design, building technologies, and health/sustainability in today’s market that is subject to constant change.